We are the proven approach to maximize
the success of angel investors

Go Beyond Investing is a FinTech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class for small and large, novice to experienced investors. It offers a unique deal platform, portfolio tools, syndication/pooling, due diligence, investment monitoring services, training and certified deal leaders.

Its clients are individuals, family offices, professional groups and corporations. It is active in the EU, Switzerland and the US.

Go Beyond invests in 5 industry categories:

  • Technology
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Internet & Mobile
  • Impact

Go Beyond growth financing round

Go Beyond is not only an early-stage investing platform, it is also a FinTech startup that democratizes early-stage investing.
Go Beyond is currently raising funds to fuel its growth.  

The management team

Go Beyond was founded by Brigitte Baumann, who received the European Angel Investor of the Year award from EBAN in May 2014.


Representation at events across our industry