Training Services for Educational Institutions, Organizations, Universities, Alumni Associations

Use Go Beyond Investing to expand your constituents’ knowledge and accelerate community building.

Angel investing, while still in its infancy, is rapidly growing. We share our long-time experience so individuals can successfully approach this activity.

We enable the creation and management of angel networks with our industry best practices and tools.


Customized training content for entrepreneurs and investors.


Active learning

  • case studies
  • role playing (due diligence, negotiation, etc.)
  • one on one coaching sessions

Access to our platform, tools, coaches, one year group investing program and deal flow


Advice on creating a single or multi-location investor community

Training modules

  • Early Stage Investing Overview
  • Company Valuation
  • Deal Terms
  • Due Diligence
  • Financials
  • Impact Investing
  • Investing Trends
  • Investing In...
  • Investment Strategy
  • Manage & Follow-on Rounds
  • Exit Investments
  • GBI Investor Portfolio
  • Returns & Liquidity

Client solutions

Our approach is customized to the clients’ needs, culture and angel investing stage. All trainers are experienced and active business angels who have been involved with international deals. While the materials are in English, our trainers are multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Delivery of sessions can be face-to-face or virtual.

Client need

Solution delivered

  • Enable novice Business Angels to learn and practice with professionalsProvide interactive training and coaching
  • Teach entrepreneurs how to raise financingGBI experienced angels train and coach entrepreneurs; 1 to 2 day entrepreneur workshops
  • Provide training at entrepreneur and investor conferencesSenior Business Angels who deliver customized content alone or with multiple trainers
  • Create an investor community for emerging business angel marketsOffer advice followed by several 1 to 2 day investor trainings and access to a coach
  • Attract novice angels and raise skill levels of existing angels in an angel networkCreate a one year GB investor group program which includes learning and making 3 investments

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