Go Beyond Awareness Seminar

Discover Early Stage Investing; learn more about Go Beyond and our innovative Investor Groups
07 February
Tuesday 07th of February From 18:15 to 21:00 CET
Moller auditorium
IMD Business School, Executive Learning Center
Bellerive 23,
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Suisse Romande
Free event

What you get

You’ll learn from an experienced Business Angel how investing in startups works, how to participate with Go Beyond and what you can expect of it. Entrepreneur raising funds will present their startups and investment opportunities. 

Who you meet

You’ll meet with entrepreneurs, like-minded investors and experienced angels.
You’ll participate in lively discussions on the opportunities

Who this is for

The event is for investors interested in funding innovative startups and who have the financial capability of creating a portfolio of several investments of at least €4000 each.

Terms and conditions

Online registration is required, as places are limited. Please contact us immediately on events@go-beyond.biz if you have registered and are unable to attend.  By registering for the Awareness Seminar, you are entitled to stay, for free, for the following Investment Event.