GBYA Info Session

23 March
Thursday 23rd of March From 19:00 to 20:00 CET
Free event

What is it?

The program will gather European YNGers and YPOers and aims to enable the next generation of Angel Investors. The program will combine training, networking and investing. 

The participants will invest in 6-10 start-ups over a 12-18 month period. Each of the participants will commit €10 000 to €100 000 in the program. The program expects to gather 50 to 100 participants and to begin in May 2017. 

A similar program has been run for women investors and is a big success. The program is run by Go Beyond who has a solid track record in democratizing angel invests while professionalizing it as an asset class

During the program participants will:

Develop a diversified portfolio of 6-10 primarily European early stage companies.  
Watch monthly pitches, learn and participate in the investment decisions with the deal leaders.     
Participate in a one year education program with in-person training, webinars and videos on all aspects of the investment process. Network together and with future potential Business Angels.

Who are the deal leaders:

We plan to have 7 deal leaders, YPOers and YNGers with significant angel investing experience and track record. For example: 

Brigitte Baumann (Switzerland/Germany) was named European Business Angel of the year in 2015

Who is it for?

  • YNGers who want to learn about angel investing while building a portfolio with experts.  
  • YNGers who plan to become entrepreneurs and who want to understand how investors work.
  • YNGers or YPOers who are experienced investors and could be interested in becoming a deal leader  in future programs.
  • YPO members who wish  to bond with their YNGer through a shared passion and transmit entrepreneurial values

Note : Each YNGer can invite an adult family member to participate in the program.