The following are educational videos have been produced for the Rising Tide Program by the Angel Capital Association and Go Beyond Network US with the support of the Kauffman Foundation. Each video is about 20 minutes in length
Rising Tide - Introduction to Angel Investing
What is Angel Investing? What is the investing process? When do angels play a role in the development of start-ups? What are the different types of business angels? What are the different ways business angels can do this activity?
Rising Tide - Sources of Financing for Start-Ups
What is the financing landscape for start-ups including crowdfunding and business angels? For each type of financing, a description, the benefits/risks and timing are provided.
Rising Tide - Introduction to Deal Due Diligence
What do Business Angels look for? What is the due diligence process? What entrepreneurs like/do not like when selecting business angels?
Rising Tide - Business Model Fundamentals
What are the components of an economic/business model of a start-up? What are the drivers? How will the company scale?
Rising Tide - Introduction to Company Valuations
What are some of the common definitions? What are the various methods used to value a start-ups? How are the valuations negotiated with entrepreneurs?
Rising Tide - Introduction to Reading Financial Statements
What is a P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement? What do they often look like for start -ups? What to look for and avoid?
Rising Tide - Introduction to Term Sheets
Which legal documents are often used to make an investment? What is the common structure of Term Sheet/Shareholder Agreements? What are some keys clauses used? Which insights can be useful?
Rising Tide - Introduction to Managing Follow-on Rounds
What are follow on rounds and how are they different? When is it a good time to hold follow-on rounds? What are the different types of follow-on rounds? What are warrants? What is a Down rounds? 21 min